3 Amazing BBQ Restaurants in Seattle, WA

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Seattle, Washington was founded in 1851 when a group of immigrants from Illinois settled on the eastern shore of the Puget Sound.  They settled on the south side of Elliot Bay but many of the people found it unsuitable.  They relocated to the eastern side of the bay which is now where downtown Seattle is located.

Chose as the western terminus for the Northern Pacific Railroad, caused Seattle to become a hub on the upper West Coast.  This was a hub for gold miners to replenish their supplies.  After a huge fire in 1889 which burned down the entire business distract, Seattle bounced back by quickly rebuilding and almost doubling their populations from twenty-five thousand to forty thousand.

Today the population of Seattle, WA (as of 2017) is 724,745.  The median income is now considered to be $80,000 per household which far outpaces other cities.  Major industries like Aerospace, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Information Communication Technology are some reason salaries are so high.  This leaves a lot of spendable income for recreational activities like going out to eat frequently.  Today I am looking at three amazing barbecue restaurants.

Seattle RestaurantThe Wood Shop BBQ started its humble beginnings as a food truck.  Owner’s Matt Davis and James Barrington both have a passion for great food, beverages and a comfortable atmosphere where residents and tourists alike in Seattle want to come and relax.

Matt Davis grew up in Kansas where he started his serious love of barbecue.  He began his career in the woodworking industry but then turned his passion to cooking.  They jokingly say that barbecue sauce runs in his veins as he is truly geeky about creating some of the most mouth-watering sauces in the restaurant.

A Seattle native, James Barrington grew up in the city and has never wanted to leave.  His first business was and is still a food truck called Hallava Falafel, believed to be the original Seattle Food truck.  With in-depth experience in food trucks he and Matt launched The Wood Shop BBQ which became so popular they decided to open a restaurant.

Tapping into the food truck experience, they hired Michael Kramer to be their Food Manager.  A former owner of a Mediterranean food truck he loves working with the talented kitchen staff to create some of the most amazing smoked meats, various sides and specialty desserts.

Their restaurant is located on S. Jackson Street and offers and after 10pm every night they offer brisket or pulled pork tacos for only $3.00 each!  Or visit their Mobile Truck in their daily spots (check their feed or online for daily updates.)Seattle WA Restaurants

They rank an impressive four-point-seven stars on the web with over four hundred reviews.

Jack’s BBQ is the dream child of Jack Timmons.  Jack grew up in Texas and after living in Seattle for twenty years returned to Texas to visit many of the historic barbecue restaurants.  Prior to returning to Texas, jack had attended a Summer Camp for barbecue at the Meat Sciences department of Texas A&M.  This flared his resolve to bring Texas style smoked barbecue to Seattle.

Seattle RestaurantsAfter touring the finest barbecue restaurants in Texas, he went back to Seattle and started the Seattle Brisket Experience.  Purchasing an offset smoker and imported smoking woods, he practiced his art on thousands of Northwest barbecue fans.  After about a year of experimenting and perfecting as a Pitmaster, Jack opened Jack’s BBQ.

The success of Jack’s BBQ on Airport Way South is a great story.  He has created an atmosphere not only for restaurant goers but for events as well.  He rents his Double D Lounge with a capacity of forty-five people.  It is a comfortable speakeasy with its own bar and restroom.  Enjoy the game with your favorite friends on the big screen television.  Or you could rent their patio and enjoy the day with up to thirty-four of your closest friends.

Don’t want to cook for Thanksgiving?  Call Jack’s, they are smoking up a traditional turkey dinner (only one hundred available) and pick you own sides.  Feeds ten to fifteen people without all the cooking fuss.  You even get to pick your own turkey from the smokers.Seattle Restaurant media

Their Prime Rib Wednesday’s are famous.  Served every other Wednesday evening, you won’t want to miss the fourteen to sixteen-ounce boneless cut of Prime Rib.  Tickets are sold in advance.  They get amazing reviews on the internet so be sure to check them out.

Next time you are in Seattle and are craving barbecue, try Pikes Pit Bar-B-Que.  They are located around the Pike Place Market, they tap into the iconic part of the neighborhood.  Pike Place Market is a neighborhood with hundreds of small businesses, craftspeople and farmers.

Seattle Restaurants PhotoOpened in 1980 by Ron and Debra Wise, it was originally known as Pecos Pit Bar-B-Que.  They wanted to bring quality barbecue to Seattle.  They slow-roast their meats which are leaner than frying, searing, broiling or grilling.  This process also brings out the most flavor in the meat.  They have also created their own signature barbecue sauce known as the “Only” sauce which is served mild, medium or hot.

There are only about seventy posts online but each one gives them a four star or above rating.

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