Paver Sealing Tips in Las Vegas

paver sealing las vegas

As more and more developers and builders here in Las Vegas utilize beautiful concrete pavers for outside decor, the demand for paver sealing increases significantly. Let’s face it, the climate here in the southern Nevada communities is scorching during the summer months with temperatures in excess of 110 degrees. By simply providing a paver sealing surface to concrete pavers really takes the heat out of the equation. It doesn’t seem likely, but a paver sealing coat blocks the ability of the sun to bake into the stones and make them extremely hot.

las vegas paver sealing

Not only are pavers efficient and affordable but they really add a touch of color that is hard to find when designing outdoor spaces in the desert southwest. You can really get creative by utilizing concrete pavers in your landscape designs. There are tons of patterns that you can create and many beautiful colors to chose from to enhance your decor. The icing on the cake is to make sure that they have a paver sealing put on them. The paver sealing coating really makes them stand out and increases their longevity of your outdoor space.

If you already have concrete pavers or you’ve purchased an existent home that has a paver driveway or any other outdoor space, you may want to consider getting them updated. A good paver sealing company will come in and most likely use their high pressure power spray technique to first clean them back to their original color. Once they are all clean and dry, the paver sealing company will then fill in the sand around the pavers that may have been washed away during the pressure washing process. They make sure that all of the pavers are in place and add sand and pack them down where it is necessary. When all of the pavers are in place and everything is settled they then spray on the special coating. This typically takes about 1 day or so to dry completely before you can walk or drive on the surface.

paver sealing las vegas

There are really not a lot of companies here in Las Vegas that actually do the paver sealing job. In fact, when we went to get our pavers sealed in our property here in Green Valley it was a true challenge. We found that most of the companies didn’t even answer the phone and one company actually didn’t even show up to provide an estimate. They picked the time to meet with us and didn’t even have the class to call and re-schedule. We did find that the best paver sealing company that is here in Las Vegas is Las Vegas Sealing. They were so efficient. They were at our home right on time. We were provided a solid estimate along with an estimated time line so that there were no questions on when the job would be complete. They even provided us with references of jobs that they have done around the valley and even on the Las Vegas Strip.

We couldn’t be happier with our paver sealing job that we had done on both our outdoor patio space and our driveway. The tire marks from our vehicles was getting really bad and the pressure washing process removed all of them. Once the paver sealing process was complete on our driveway it really made our home stand out. We’ll be calling on this company again once they need to be done.

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